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7th grade PreAP science,
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Lady Highlander Cross Country

Science – 7th Grade                                                   Mrs. Collins

        Course Introduction
The school has identified student supplies.  Each student will need a binder, a composition notebook, paper, pen, pencil, red grading pen, colored pencils, safety goggles and a metric ruler.   

        Class Expectations
Be on time to class with the appropriate supplies.
Be in your seat when the tardy bell rings and working on the warm up.
Be courteous to fellow students and the teacher.
Keep up with all work and materials until the end of the semester.
Raise your hand and be acknowledged before speaking or leaving your seat.
Observe all rules in the student handbook.

Daily / Homework grades are averaged together for 20% of the nine weeks average.
Labs / Quizzes are averaged together for 20% of the nine weeks average.
Major grades (tests, major labs, projects, or presentations) are 60% of the nine weeks average.

        Progress Reports

All major projects are due on the Monday of the assigned week.  Projects will be accepted without penalty through Friday of the same week.  Should a project be turned in after Friday of the week it is due, points will be subtracted.  This would include a student being absent on the Friday at the end of the week whether or not the absence is excused or unexcused.

** Display Boards/Final Drafts for the Independent Study Project 2013-2014 is the exception to this.   Even if you aren't at school, your display board needs to be here.  You will receive a 10 point deduction EACH calendar day your project is late.  You have known about this due date since September and it has been listed on my board since before the Christmas Break.  
        Homework and Late Work
Late work will NOT be accepted on daily work, homework or labs.
All assignments are due at the BEGINNING of class.  
Major projects will have 10 points deducted for every school day the project is late.

Testing Retake Policy
* Pre AP students may retake one test per semester for a maximum grade of a 70.  Some tests, due to their nature, may not be eligible (ex. lab practicals).

It is the student’s responsibility to get all makeup assignments due to absences.  Assignments will be
      posted on my website:
If a student is absent on the day of a test or quiz, the student should be prepared to take a makeup test
     or quiz during the next class period.

        Daily Planner
The PTA has provided daily planners for each student.  The students are expected to record the daily
agendas for class as well as any homework or upcoming tests/projects.  Periodically, a quiz will be given on the SCIENCE content of this planner.
        Online Textbook
You can access the 7th or 8th grade science textbook online.

Copying on labs, homework, projects or tests is cheating.  Both students will earn a zero for the
 assignment and their parents will be contacted.  Please read the entire McCJH Cheating Policy
 that is provided on the back of this page.

Conference Period – Red: 9:00-10:00 & Green: 12:00-1:00.  
The school phone number is (832) 592-5100 or (936) 709-7215.

McCullough Junior High School
Policy on Cheating

Any type of unauthorized communication or sharing of information or materials with others (verbal, nonverbal, or written) is considered cheating. (McCJH Student Handbook)
While it is impossible to list each and every action that may constitute “cheating,” the following are common examples:

        *  Copying another student’s homework, daily work,  or test
        *  Letting someone else copy your homework, daily work,  or test
        *  Using “cheat sheets,” textbooks, any type of electronic device, or writing answers on any part of the body or garments during a test or quiz
        *  Using a workbook or test (which has answers in it) from a previous year
        *  Telling another student in a different class period what the test or quiz  
                questions are or getting such information from someone else
        *  Working with others on an assignment or project, which your teacher assigned as independent work
        *  Reading “Cliff Notes,” other book-type or internet summaries,
            or viewing a video instead of reading the original book or literary work that      
                your teacher assigned

Plagiarism:  Using words, facts, ideas, or opinions that are not your own without giving credit to the source of this information.  Plagiarism is a form of cheating.  

Examples include:

         *  Copying a paragraph from an encyclopedia or other reference book and putting  it into your research paper without citing the source.

*   Copying all or a part of a paper or essay that you found on the internet and  
     integrating that into an essay or assignment as if it were your own work: This   
     is plagiarism whether or not you copy it “word for word,” or move around a  
     word or two.

You have the responsibility to understand and abide by this policy. Please note that cheating or allowing someone to cheat off of your work will result in both school discipline consequences and loss of credit for your homework, daily assignment, test, or project. If you have any doubt or uncertainty about whether your actions potentially constitute cheating, please ask your teacher BEFORE the incident occurs.


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