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Coach Lilley
Physical Education
PE uniforms will now be ordered online.  Uniforms will consist of a short and shirt, and are mandatory to wear in PE.  Now the girls will be able to order uniforms cut for girls, shorts made with a 7 inch inseam,  and boys for boys, shorts are longer and have a 9 inch inseam.  Also we have added a little color to our uniforms, if you have a gray shirt from last year you can still wear that one you just have to order the green shorts.  But now girls will also have the option of ordering a pink shirt and black shorts.  Boys will have the option of ordering a red shirt with gray shorts.  Girls may also order the red shirt and gray shorts as well.  

7th & 8th Boys and Girls Golf

Updated Friday April 21st, 2017

You can follow @mccjhgolf on twitter for regular and last minute information about tournaments.  
 Things to know for the 2017 season
You can not hit range balls until I get there. Wait under the patio cover until I get there, take up money, assign holes and then you can go warm up.  They will not allow us to warm up until 3:15pm at the earliest. I will get there around 3pm to start taking up money.  Bring 15 dollars for the tournament and turn in to me at the table outside.  I have to turn in the payment for our team so I can keep track of how many showed up.  Try to bring exact change or it may be a while before I can supply the 5 dollars back if I have only 20's.  Parents can rent golf carts at the pro shop but I need the 15 dollars paid to me.  

Golf tournament dates for 2017
All tournaments are at River Plantation starting at 4pm.
Tuesday April 4th
7th girls - Sydney Loveridge 60
7th boys - Will Jordan 46, Marc Mortimer 50, Carter Jackson 57, Parker Allen 55, Jose Simbeck 53 - 1st Place
8th Girls - Avery Blake 46, Allison Smith 50, Davis Pendley 44, Halle Byrom 54, Holly Paterson 55 - 1st Place
8th Boys - Mitch Lidisky 45, Jack Northcutt 47, Cody Siebert 50, Cameron Hainebach 54, Jack Paylor 49 - 1st Place

Tuesday April 11th Cancelled and moved to May 16th

Tuesday April 18th
7th Girls - Sydney Loveridge-63, Hailey Clary-61, Amira Salaymeh-63
7th Boys - Will Jordan-42, Mark Mortimer-58, Diego Diaz-51, Anthony Lipsky-54, Alan Good-60 - 1st Place
8th Girls - Davis Pendley-50, Avery Blake-45, Natalia Del Olmo-54, Gabby Reese-53, Mia McInstrey-69 - 1st Place
8th Boys - Jack Northcott-42, Marshall Schier-57, Liam Blank-52,
Tuesday April 25th
7th Girls - Hailey Clary-66, Sydney Loveridge-58, Amira Salaymeh-68
7th Boys - Will Jordan-38, Diego Diaz-45, Carter Jackson-44, Parker Allen-53, Jose Simbeck-46 - 1st Place
8th Girls - Avery Blake-41, Davis Pendley-51, Allison Smith-52, Halle Byrom-53, Holly Paterson-55 - 1st Place
8th Boys - Jack Northcott-41, Liam Blank-54, Cody Siebert-52, Cameron Hainebach-64, Jack Paylor-52 - 3rd Place
Tuesday May 2nd
7th Girls -  Sydney Loveridge-61, Amira Salaymeh-68
7th Boys - , Carter Jackson-52, Anthony Lipsky-46, Alan Good-55, Mark Mortimer-45 - 2nd Place
8th Girls - Avery Blake-41, Gabby Reese-46, Natalia Del Olmo-51, Allison Smith-47, Ashley Gibson-55 - 1st Place
8th Boys - Jack Northcott-41, Mitch Lidisky-44, Jack Paylor-49, Marshall Schier-48, Parker Mitos-61 - 1st Place
Tuesday May 16th
7th Girls - Sydney Loveridge, Hailey Clary, Amira Salaymeh
7th Boys - Mark Mortimer, Anthony Lipsky, Diego Diaz, Parker Allen, Jose Simbeck
8th Girls - Avery Blake, Gabby Reese, Davis Pendley, Halle Byrom, Holly Paterson
8th Girls - Jack Northcott, Mitch Lidisky, Cody Siebert, Cameron Hainebach, Liam Blank

Pretty much everything you need to know about junior high golf at McCullough is below.

  Golf  is a club sport here that was implemented to not interfere with the other sports offered here at McCullough.  All that is needed for golf is they must be a current student at McCullough for the 2016-2017 school year, have a physical dated after April 15, 2016, and have their own golf clubs.  Golf at McCullough is very competitive, it is not a learn to play program.  Knowledge of the rules and how to play is necessary.  Also each player is responsible for getting to the course.  We do not have a bus due to 90% of our golfers are in Private PE and will be leaving school early anyway.  
Our golf program at the Junior High level here is pretty basic and mainly for fun.  It is considered a club sport in our district which means that it does not interfere with the school day.  In other words the kids will not have an athletics class to participate in, they will just keep the same schedule and play after school.  Our school is pretty unique in that over the last 10 years that I have been here we do not have scheduled practice, as most of our kids, usually 6 out of the 8 for each gender and grade, are in Private PE and they leave an hour early each day and go to their instructors and golf courses.  The kids that stay in school the whole day will do the same after school.  Our golf season and tournament schedule starts in early April and is 6 weeks long.  We play 5 nine hole tournaments starting at 4pm.  On average unless you are the top two every week you will play in two tournaments.   All that is required is to show up for tryouts in which we will change it up this year and have tryouts much earlier.  It is very competitive and we will have on average about 15 boys trying out for each grade.  We play nine holes and  take the lowest 8 scores for each grade and they are on the team.  After that all they have to do is show up for the tournaments they are scheduled to play.  Only 5 can play per week so the lowest 2 scores will play the next week and pick up the three that did not play the week before.  They will have to check out of school and are responsible for getting to the course before 4pm.  They will be excused for missing 4th period on tournament days they are scheduled to play.


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